Hi Artists!

We all know its a pretty competitive world out there in the Artist Alley with so many conventions, their random (and sometimes really short) application windows in all sorts of places at all sorts of times.

Sometimes its really hard to keep track of when to apply for what convention, which conventions are accepting, the types of conventions out there, and how to get involved. It’s also hard for organizers to get the word out to artists about their events.

This calendar aims to help with that by creating a resource that artists can reference when they are asking themselves which conventions they want to apply for in a year, and when those applications happen. Also by listing the actual conventions, you can see if there are any conflicts of shows you may want to do.

I hope this will be come a resource for not just myself, but other artists as well. The more people who participate, the more accurate and the more information can be collected, so please, if you know of a convention, its AA application date, or an other important date/event which might be relevant to artists, please let us know.